Production Updates

This page will be updated frequently with details of the development progress in relation to orders placed on 26.04.2022.


Orders #1169 – #1446 were fulfilled in July. All watches are shipped via DHL Express.

We expect to ship the following orders #1447 – #1663 between the 22nd of August - 31st of August with exact dates outlined below. All watches are shipped via DHL Express.

  • 22nd: Order placed of 3 or more watches. COMPLETE
  • 23rdOrders placed of 2 watches. COMPLETE
  • 24thOrders placed containing an additional strap. COMPLETE
  • 24thDesert Sky. COMPLETE
  • 25th: Watermel0n (RoW). COMPLETE
  • 26th: Mint Ch0c Chip (RoW). COMPLETE
  • 30th: Watermel0n (UK / US). COMPLETE
  • 31st: Mint Ch0c Chip (UK / US). COMPLETE




We're making some great progress and as per the below update. Well over half of orders placed on the 26.04.2022 are due to be shipped before the end of July as originally planned.

We expect to ship the following orders #1169 – #1446 between the 20th - 30th of July. 

We expect to ship the balance orders #1447 – #1663 by late August.




In terms of development progress, the vast majority of components are with our watchmaker here in the UK – so that’s cases, hands, dials, straps etc, and we’ve also received the first batch of the ST1901 movements so assembly is well underway.

Originally we were hoping to receive all of the movements in a single batch delivery last week, however a 2 month total lock-down in Shanghai (April - May) has caused some supply chain issues, leading to various delays.

The good news is these restrictions have been lifted earlier this month but of course we are still playing catch up to an extent.

Despite this, we’re still expecting at least half of the orders to be fulfilled by the end of July as originally planned but unfortunately some orders will likely be delayed by approx. 1 month until the end of August. We’re prioritising orders based on order number, essentially a first come first served system.

I’ve created this dedicated update page for those of you that wish to follow the progress over the coming weeks and I plan to update it as soon as I have some more concrete delivery dates for specific order numbers.

I appreciate this isn’t ideal, but nevertheless I’m so grateful to have your support and understanding. Rest assured we’re doing everything we can to get watches on wrists as soon as possible and the fulfillment of this project is our number 1 priority.