What charges can I expect when ordering from Europe?
From January 1st, 2021 the United Kingdom (UK) is no longer part of the European Union (EU). However, as a Studio Underd0g backer there will be no impact on the price you pay or the customer service you experience. (Wahoo!)

As we operate a standardised euro pricing structure, any variation in VAT applicable between member states is allowed for within the price you pay. Studio Underd0g is responsible for paying the VAT collected at point of purchase to the appropriate local EU authority.

As part of the trade deal, no duties are payable when items of our classification are shipped to an EU member state.

To ensure you’re not requested to pay either the VAT or any additional fees, we apply the terms of trade as duty paid (DDP) on your shipment, which puts the onus on us when shipping to any EU member state.