When the biggest news in the watch-world for 2020 was that a certain brand (that shall not be named) had increased their case size by an unfathomable 1mm it got us thinking… 

Why can’t horol0gy be a little bit m0re playful from time to time?

Desert Sky

The Desert Sky is in fact a homage watch (although not in the conventional sense). Its colour pallet is heavily inspired by a pair of sneakers.

Go0fy Panda

The Go0fy Panda is our unique take on the traditional panda dial that is so prevalent when it comes to mechanical chronographs.

The green-tipped Chronograph hands are inspired by a bamboo shoot; a pandas favourite delicacy!

In the Press / Reviews

Bark and Jack

"Studio Underd0g is certainly doing something different and although their concepts are fun, the execution shows they take it seriously!"

- Adrian Barker

Worn and Wound

"With such a unique and fun first release, I’m excited to see where Studio Underd0g takes it next."

- Ed Jelley

Fratello Watches

"Whatever they’re drinking in Studio U, I want some. The colors — or flavors, perhaps — are so vivid and so in-your-face they hardly need explaining."

- Rob Nudds