Second generation

Why can’t horology be a little bit more playful from time to time?

In an industry that typically takes itself very seriously, Studio Underd0g offers a fresh perspective.

Second Generation
Mint Ch0c Chip

Invented in England back in 1973 by a student, mint chocolate chip has gone on to become one of the most popular ice cream flavours in modern times - but why stop at ice cream?

Second Generation
Desert Sky

The Desert Sky is in fact a homage watch (although not in the conventional sense). Its colour pallet is heavily inspired by a pair of sneakers.

Second Generation
Go0fy Panda

The Go0fy Panda is our unique take on the traditional panda dial that is so prevalent when it comes to mechanical chronographs.

The green-tipped Chronograph hands are inspired by a bamboo shoot; a pandas favourite delicacy!

Piece 2-nique for chairty

In August of this year, a talented young girl sketched and submitted her vision of a Pumpkin-themed Studio Underd0g Chronograph so of course we had to make it a reality!

Strawberries & Cream

What started as a joke in the comments section of an Instagram post soon led to the first prototype of a new colourway inspired by Watch and Tennis Journalist; Miguel Seabra’s vision of a perfect day, spent soaking up the British summertime sunshine while watching a thrilling game of tennis and enjoying a healthy portion of strawberries and cream!

Studio Underd0g x Fratello Watches

The 50pcs Limited Edition Studio Underd0g x Fratello ‘Aubergine’ watch is SOLD OUT.

100% of profits generated by this project have been donated to help fund testicular cancer research. Congratulations to those of you that managed to grab a watch, and thank you for helping to support such a great cause!

In the Press / Reviews


"Meet a young brand that's high on value and low on self-seriousness – and that has a lesson for aspiring entrepreneurs."

- Cole Pennington
Teddy Baldassarre

"In this blog, we take a closer look at some of the best microbrand watches that the market has to offer"

- Teddy Baldassarre
Bark and Jack

"Studio Underd0g is certainly doing something different and although their concepts are fun, the execution shows they take it seriously!"

- Adrian Barker
Worn and Wound

"With such a unique and fun first release, I’m excited to see where Studio Underd0g takes it next."

- Ed Jelley
Fratello Watches

"Whatever they’re drinking in Studio U, I want some. The colors — or flavors, perhaps — are so vivid and so in-your-face they hardly need explaining."

- Rob Nudds
Just One More Watch

"Richard seems to have a good sense of humor as evidenced by more than just the designs of the watches."

- Jody Musgrove
Fratello Watches

"I’ll be keeping an eye on Studio Underd0g going forward — let’s not forget that this is just the brand’s first year of existence."

- Ignacio Conde Garzón
Worn and Wound

"Studio Underd0g does a great job of balancing modern and classic design with a healthy hit of playfulness that’s hard to resist."

- Ed Jelley
Oracle Time

"It’s no surprise they’ve become one of our favourite watchmakers as they push off all the stuffy watchmaking stereotypes."

- Michael Sonsino