About Us

Why can’t horology be a little more playful from time to time?
In an oh-so-serious industry, Studio Underd0g offers a fresh and playful perspective. 

Our Story

Richard Benc tells the story of how Studio Underd0g came to be.

When the biggest news in the watch-world during 2020 was that a certain brand had increased their case size by an unfathomable 1mm it made me realise just how serious and stuffy the industry really was. I decided to set myself a design brief to create a serious watch that didn't take itself too seriously...

Since we were in the midst of the 2020 lockdowns, I had plenty of new found free time (as all of my favourite pubs were shut) so each evening I got to work designing and refining my concept. In March of 2020 I had a design drafted and I posted my progress on an enthusiast Facebook page in the hope that I'd get some feedback. The response from the community was overwhelmingly positive which motivated me to continue developing this project.

I officially launched the brand in March of 2021 and it has kept me pretty busy ever since!

Meet the Team


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