About us

When the biggest news in the watch-world for 2020 was that a certain brand (that shall not be named) had increased their case size by an unfathomable 1mm it got us thinking… 

Why can’t horol0gy be a little bit m0re playful from time to time?

Meet the team...




Head of Design


Marketing Manager

Like many Microbrand owners, I’m an individual that lives and breathes watches. I’m a designer by trade and I’ve been working in the watch industry for over 5 years. I have an entrepreneurial mindset and my ultimate goal has always been to create something that I can call my own. Studio Underd0g was a passion-project that has been brought to life thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the enthusiast community.

Whats with the '0'?

Have you ever tried to make a new account where you’re required to come up with a unique username? It’s hard work trying to come up with something that isn’t already taken. Well trying to find a unique brand identity is just as difficult, so I decided to take a playful approach and swapped out the last “o” for a “0”. There’s a reason ‘Passw0rd’ is a go-to password for so many of us!

Now the “0” is an important part of our brand identity and highlights the fact that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.