Production Update 06.03.24

This page will be updated frequently with details of the development progress in relation to pre-orders placed on the 6th of March 2024 for the 01SERIES and 02SERIES Collections. 


20th of March 2024.

We're already working hard to improve on the above fulfilment expectations. We have a maximum assembly output of ~600 orders per month and we'll be shipping on a 'first come, first served' basis. 

Here is the latest schedule:

• Order Numbers up to #10800 will be shipped in April 2024. UNDERWAY
• Order Numbers #10801 - #11400 will be shipped in May 2024.
• Order Numbers #11401 - #12000 will be shipped in June 2024.
• Order Numbers #12001 - #13200 will be shipped in July 2024.
• Order Numbers #13201 - #13800 will be shipped in August 2024.
• Order Numbers #13801 - #14400 will be shipped in September 2024.
• Order Numbers #14401 - #15400 will be shipped in October 2024.
• Order Numbers #15401 - #16000 will be shipped in November 2024.

Please check your order confirmation email (sent at time of order placed) to find your order number. *Please take a moment to check the details of your order outlined with your order confirmation*. Thanks in advance for your continued patience and support. Rest assured we're doing all that we can to get your watch to you as soon as possible.

If you'd like to update your delivery address, you’ll be able to do so at any time prior to fulfilment by clicking the 'View / Edit your order' button on your order confirmation email. You will receive a notification from DHL once your order has been dispatched. 

If you'd like to add an additional strap to your order, please click the following links:
01SERIES Straps.
02SERIES Straps.
You must enter the following code to gain access: Passw0rd 
We will help to merge any additional strap orders with your outstanding watch order. This will not impact delivery timelines.  

You can update your product selection / strap size / further amendments, by sending an email to my colleague Ida at

Please considering following me on Instagram if you'd like to see more of the behind the scenes action! @Studio.Underd0g